If you’re looking to purchase a home, you’re going to need to have a good credit score. Luckily, checking your credit is quick and FREE if you know where to look. If your credit isn’t strong enough to qualify for a mortgage, a popular option for you may be looking into purchasing a house via a method called “rent to own.” By using this program, you are essentially entering into a rental agreement with the option to purchase the home at a later date. This is generally somewhere around two to three years. This gives you more time to qualify for a mortgage, thus allowing you to buy the home of your dreams. If you come across your potential future home, this can be a fantastic option for you.

When looking for homes that are “rent to own” or “lease to own”, the websites below are a great place to start. A heads-up though, while it’s true that these sites allow you to see basic information, many of them also require that you register with them before you’re able to receive any further details. In certain cases, some of them even charge a fee. If you happen to take advantage of a free trial, which I suggest you do, be sure to cancel before the trial ends to avoid getting charged.


Foreclosure.com offers a plethora of foreclosed homes and pre-foreclosed homes, not to mention rent-to-own homes for sale as well. They provide general guidance regarding the entire rent-to-own process. You can search by zip code, city, or state for rent-to-own homes, but the site doesn’t include listings for all states. Registration is required to obtain certain property information and, after the free trial period is used up, you’ll be looking at a monthly fee between $30-$50 to keep using the service.

Home Partners of America

Home Partners of America works is a little bit different than similar sites. After you have been pre-qualified for their program, you can look up homes for sale. If you find something you like, Home Partners will attempt to purchase the home and lease it to you for a certain amount of time. Potential homes on this site can also be found by entering a zip code, city, or state. This company purchases and rents homes in many states, but not all of them.


RentOwn.net specializes in rent-to-own homes. Just like the other sites on this list, you can look up basic information by entering the city, state, or zip code in the area you searching in. To receive more details about the property, you will need to answer a few questions as well as pay an additional fee. RentOwn.net does offer assistance that helps with credit repair, but they may also charge a fee to pull your credit report and continue to use their system.

Housing List

The Housing List originated with the purpose of only show homes that came with the rent-to-own option. Currently, they also include homes for sale, but finding a rent-to-own option is as easy as entering the zip code or city and state of the area you’re looking into. You can receive basic information regarding rent-to-own homes in your area, but certain details will only be disclosed if you register first. Once again, this service costs money, but there is a trial period available.


This website focuses on rent-to-own properties and offers a ton of useful information regarding rent-to-own contracts. It can also help connect you with consultants that are experts in dealing with these types of transactions. Much like the other sites on the list, you will need to register and there will be a charge after the trial period wraps up.


RealtyStore.com features listings of rent-to-own homes, auctions, owner-financed sales, foreclosures, as well as other discounted homes that are up for sale. You can search the site to find basic information, but much like the other sites, details are reserved for those who register. They also offer a free trial, but you’ll see charges between $45 – $50 each month if you forget to cancel.


This site specializes in rent-to-own homes. Just begin your search by plugging in the zip code, city, or state, and just like that, you’ll receive basic information regarding the listing. Answer a few questions, and register to get more specific details. You may need to consent to receive phone calls from an agent after completing your registration but it’s worth it because over 2 million rent-to-own homes across the country can be found listed on this website.


In closing, rent-to-own or lease-to-own homes can be a fantastic option if you lack strong enough credit to receive a mortgage. It also grants you the opportunity to live in the home and neighborhood for a limited time to ensure you like it before committing to a 30-year mortgage.

Always remember that entering into a rent-to-own home transaction is a legally binding contract. Anytime you’re dealing with your finances be sure to read and understand what you are signing to ensure that you retain the option to purchase the home after the term is up. You should also find out how much money it’ll take to payout in connection with the lease. You may want to consider employing an attorney to review and explain the documents to you in better detail. While rent-to-own home transactions can be highly beneficial to a potential homeowner, they can also turn out to be extremely costly if you aren’t aware of what you are signing.